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Catching Up with Me Made May

May 15, 2012

So I dropped off with the posting last week. I did wear something I had made every day I went to work. (I took Friday off both work and this challenge.) Wednesday’s outfit  was the same as the previous Friday but with a black cardigan and on Thursday I wore my Jiffy dress.


On Monday I wore my orange checkered Sorbetto again, this time with my cream-coloured cardigan.

Yesterday I went with a hand-knit sweater for at the office. I made this Coraline cardigan a few years ago but it is a little snug in the shoulders so I don’t wear it much.

(apologies for the oddly-lit photos, my deck is very sunny on the morning.)

Today I am wearing another Sorbetto, just finished last night. It’s a border print cotton from Fabricland. To get the border going all around, I had to make the back two separate pieces and omit the pleat. I now have the better part of half a metre of the orange solid, but it’s such a lovely colour I am sure I will use it for something else later. (It was raining outside! So I had to do pictures in the kitchen, which is a little messy at the moment.)


Me Made May – Black Pendrell Blouse – still in need of adjustments!

May 7, 2012

Today I am wearing a Pendrell blouse styled with a vintage silk scarf I found at the Value Village in St. Catharine’s last spring.


During the sewing class I took, I started this Pendrell blouse in an effort to get a better fit. On my first two versions of this pattern, I used size 0 because I like a snugger fit so 1 inch of ease, instead of the recommended 4, was enough. The class instructor had me do the size 6, as recommended for my bust measurement, which would give me 4 inches of ease there. This is too much, as is especially around the waist where I get a whopping 10 inches of ease. For my next one I think I’ll do size 4 for the bust – enough room to make it easy getting on – but grade down some for the waist and hips.

Unfortunately it is a rather grey day here and the shirt is black so the pictures don’t show much detail.

Me Made May – first

May 4, 2012

I made this one a while back but never got around to taking pictures.  It’s another Colette Jasmine, with plain cuffs and the long ties.


I picked up the white and black polka dot fabric at King Textiles (not located on King Street) back on the winter and it’s so light and lovely.


I’m going to a fancy dinner tonight where I will not be wearing anything I have made, but my dress its from an independent Canadian designer.

Me Made May Day Three – Pendrell top

May 3, 2012

I have posted about this one before – the Autumn Pendrell – so I don’t really have much more to say about it.


It is not really as wrinkly as it looks in the pictures, I have just been wearing it all day and these things happen.


I took a screen printing class at Wise Daughters last weekend with my mom, sister snd cousin. I printed a map of kind-of-downtown Toronto!


Me Made May, day two – Red Colette Meringue skirt

May 2, 2012

There’s going to be a lot of Colette patterns here – I have made quite a few! Today we have the Meringue skirt from the Handbook.


It’s made in a bright red cotton twill, again from Fabricland. I had to go downtown to King Textiles to get a red invisible zipper.


I faced the scallops with a black and white striped cotton I had picked up to make napkins out of for my brother – he requested stripes and this store had very few cotton striped fabrics that were neither pink not sparkly, but I found better stripes later – and used the same to make bias tape to finish the edge of the waist facing. I think it looks a little piratical!


This skirt was easy to make and it’s easy to wear, too. It’s easy to bike in, too – that is an important consideration for me!


Me Made May Day One

May 1, 2012

I’m doing Me Made May to get myself to take pictures of the clothes I have made, because that seems to be the part I’m bad at. So today we begin with a Colette Jasmine top in a bold navy and pink polka dot cotton. I saw the fabric at Fabricland and had to have it! This is actually my second Jasmine- the first is currently in need of a good ironing – and I just love this pattern. Easy to follow and the sleeves are adorable! The left sleeve on this one is a little tight but I think that’s due to the fact that I put it on inside out first and had some trouble redoing the French seams.


(I recently got my first smartphone so it’s going to be fun Instagram photos!)


So it’s been a while.

February 15, 2012

I did a lot of knitting around the holidays – a hat for myself and a cowl for my sister for Christmas. And then my mom and my brother’s girlfriend both wanted a cowl too, and I promised Grandma I would make her felted slippers, so I haven’t completed any new sewing projects in a while. But those projects are all done now so I can get some sewing in and knit for myself without a time limit.

I am taking a sewing class through the local school board though – we  meet in a  fashion classroom at a high school and everyone kind of works on separate projects and get help from the teacher as needed, and the teacher will gather us all together to watch something if someone needs help with something we can all learn. I missed the first class due to a terrible horrible sinus infection, but in both that one and the second class we focused on fit. Everyone took comprehensive measurements and then we measured our patterns to see how they matched up and made alterations to make things fit better.

I am working on a Truffle dress for the class. So far it’s coming together very well, though I think it might be a little short for my preferences and a little big in the chest, despite the careful measurements I took. I’m going to get some help with that this week.

This month I also need to make a set of napkins for my brother, who likes the set I made for my mom and asked for some for his birthday next month.

As for upcoming projects, I have material to make a grey Cascade skirt, and a black top based on the one in the Burda Style book. I want to take one of the skirts to class, to learn how to put in a normal zipper well, and the blouse, to learn how to fit sleeves well.