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Map quilt

September 8, 2015

IMG_20150711_093628282_HDRI spent most of the past year working on an embroidered map quilt as a wedding gift for my sister and her (now) husband. The embroidery took months, literally, I am so slow at that and there are a lot of tiny islands in the Arctic. For the map, I used a template from Haptic Labs. The design of the map was great, nice clear lines for continents, countries (I did not do the countries), and the longitude and latitude lines. However, the material it was printed on was terrible – it started flaking away as I was working and was pretty much unusable before I finished with the longitude and latitude lines. If I do another map quilt, I will just print off a large map on several pieces of paper and trace it onto Swedish tracing paper, which is much sturdier. I used a dark grey DMC embroidery thread, three strands held together, on Kona Solids cotton – the top is Shale, the back is Teal Blue, and the binding is Bluegrass – from the Workroom.

IMG_20150711_094546826Putting it together went pretty quickly – I machined stitched plain fabric panels onto the top and bottom edges of the map to make it approximately 7ft by 6ft, then stitched the backing fabric together to make the same size using two panels. I sandwiched a layer of cotton batting in between them and pinned it all together. Then I started doing the longitude/latitude lines extending from the map onto the rest of the quilt to create square-ish quilting all over, measured out with a ruler and traced on in chalk. (I started out here following the lines from the template, but as it disappeared I just evenly spaced the rest of them out.) I did not know you were supposed to use different thread for quilting, so this is just quilted with a light turquoise thread from my stash.


The binding is a bold green – greener than we expected – and it looks so good in real life. I machine stitched it on, first on the front side and then on the back, trying to keep the stitches in the ditch on the front.


Before giving it to them, I machine-washed it and hung it to dry (I feel that this is the most complicated laundry plan I can ask other people to do) then ironed out some of the bits that were still wrinkly.





And some closeups:





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  1. September 9, 2015 1:20 am

    This is just incredible. What an amazing gift, and your stitches are so neat!

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