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Catching up

March 14, 2015

I have sewn things in the past six months, but I haven’t really been taking pictures of them. That’s partly because most of them were bras! I took a bra-making class in the fall and learned the basics and since them I’ve been working on getting a perfect fit.

In the summer I made a set of the Lakeside pajamas, but I wasn’t crazy about the fabric I used. Then I spotted this amazing stuff at the Make Den and had to make them into shorts! These are obviously worn a lot, as you can tell by the wrinkles, but they’re super comfy and cute.


A few weeks ago my friend told me that a Fabricland had opened downtown again so we dropped by and I bought a lot of knit fabric. The first thing I made from this haul was two black Mabel pencil skirts in a ponte, I think. I love this pattern, the fabric is the perfect thickness, and these skirts are great. I do wish I had noticed earlier that one of my top-stitching threads was navy blue instead of black, but I’ll fix that someday when I have the patience to rip out two hems worth of lightning stitch.


I used the leftovers from the skirts and put it together with this cool lace from the Fabricland remnants bin to make a fancy shirt. I used the Plantain pattern but skipped the elbow patches. The front and back are the black ponte with the lace and the sleeves are just lace. It’s a little snug – I think the two fabrics together are not as stretchy as they are on their own – but still wearable. I wanted to french seam the sleeves but the way they are attached made that impossible, so I just hope the lace doesn’t fray.


And here’s the lacy top and one of the skirts together! The lighting in this hallway is terrible, I know, so you can’t really see the colour of the shirt here. But it really is that lovely teal.


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