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Two skirts

June 24, 2014

I had been looking forward to a new denim skirt – my old one was very worn out – so I gave the Grainline Moss Skirt a go. I picked up some lovely dark denim from Fabric for Designers and used a button from my grandmother’s collection. Based on my measurements, I cut a size 4 but after getting sewing up the skirt (before attaching the waistband) I tried it on and it was comically small. I could not move my legs. The butt fit well, though, so I cut a new front and waistband in size 10, so I could bring in the seams if it needed more alterations. I sewed up the skirt without the waistband yet again and it fit better. I still think I did the fly slightly wrong, but this was my fifth attempt at doing the fly – could really use a good tutorial on that – so I went ahead and attached the waistband and made a buttonhole (successfully!) and tried it on again. And it is TERRIBLE.


I do not even know what is going on that makes the waistband stick out like that – it does that all the way around! I think I will try this pattern again, because I really like the style, but first I will measure all the pattern pieces to figure out what size I should actually use because despite every other sewing blogger saying that going by the measurements worked perfectly, that clearly did not work for me. And I will find fly tutorials because the instructions in this pattern did not work out well for me, either.

A more successful skirt was yesterday’s Mabel. My first attempt was not perfect – a little snug and I didn’t like the way the seams look when they were zig-zagged, which is the technique recommended for sewing this pattern on a sewing machine (as opposed to a serger). I found that the seams looked a little too close to bursting open.


So I ripped them all out and sewed the skirt back up using my machine’s stretch stitch. This stitch uses a lot of thread but provides a straight stitch that is still stretchy. I also sewed them at a 1/4″ seam instead of the 3/8″ seam recommended in the pattern. I think this looks much better (though it definitely needs steaming)! Next time, though, I’ll try the 6.



My apologies for the weird super-brightness that is going on in these photos. I have recently moved and I have not quite figured out how to take good photos of myself in this apartment.

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  1. June 24, 2014 4:56 am

    Woah, what is up with that waistband?? Does it fit at the bottom? I mean, it’s not just plain old too big, is it? Is the waistband for the Moss curved? (You didn’t sew it on upside down did you? I only ask because…. I have totally done that)

    I really don’t love zigzag stitch on knits. I just don’t think it ever looks neat. The finished Mabel looks lovely though!

    • June 24, 2014 5:06 am

      Crafties! I am so pleased to see you! I did not think anyone actually read this blog. So thank you!

      It is not upside down, I did check that because I have done it before too. I really have no idea but I’m hoping it’s due to my frankensizing and if I cut a straight size it might work better?

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