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A ginkgo Belladone

May 6, 2014

whoops it cut off my head


I just wrote up a whole thing about this dress and it disappeared into the ether. Alas.

The highlights:

Pattern: Deer & Doe Belladone

Fabric: something called “polyester linen” from the Burlington Fabricland, purchased last summer

Last summer I did a muslin of the bodice and altered it to fit and a bit more – I lowered the neck in front a little and adjusted the back so it didn’t make wings there. Trying on the whole dress now, I think I’d also lengthen the bodice by about 1.5 inches – the waistband currently sits around the bottom of my ribs.

I really like this pattern – it has pockets, which are always helpful, and I think I did my pleats backwards but this way they look likely to conceal any bulkiness that might appear when there are things in the pockets, so it works for me! The skirt is also big enough to allow me to bike in it. I like the back detail – it adds a touch of interest and I hope it will keep me cool, despite the polyester.

interior back

I added a hook & eye at the top of the zipper, which it turns out was not a great idea – it is at the exact place on my back that I can’t reach well, so it’s rather difficult to do up alone. I also added a waist-stay type thing on the inside of the waistband – it’s just unfolded bias tape, hand-stitched to the seam allowances to hide the mess. Most of the edges are just zig-zagged, so this makes the inside prettier.

This sewed up so quickly! I started on Friday, took most of Saturday off for lack of a zipper and some bias tape, but I picked those up on Sunday and finished it off tonight. I already have plans to make another!

I am not doing Me-Made-May this year – I just don’t feel like I have enough homemade clothes to make it worthwhile, so I’m going for a Me-Make-May. I haven’t been sewing much this past year due to grad school and other busy-ness, but school is over and I’ve moved and my boyfriend is away for the summer so I have so much more time and space, and I’m going to make more this month. I’ve finished a pair of knit socks already, and now this dress. I’ve got a pair of Maritime shorts cut out that should be up next, and three-quarters of another sock knitted up. So I’ll be making a lot this month, and hopefully wearing some of it. (Though hopefully not the wool socks – it is May, after all.)


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