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Catching Up with Me Made May

May 15, 2012

So I dropped off with the posting last week. I did wear something I had made every day I went to work. (I took Friday off both work and this challenge.) Wednesday’s outfit  was the same as the previous Friday but with a black cardigan and on Thursday I wore my Jiffy dress.


On Monday I wore my orange checkered Sorbetto again, this time with my cream-coloured cardigan.

Yesterday I went with a hand-knit sweater for at the office. I made this Coraline cardigan a few years ago but it is a little snug in the shoulders so I don’t wear it much.

(apologies for the oddly-lit photos, my deck is very sunny on the morning.)

Today I am wearing another Sorbetto, just finished last night. It’s a border print cotton from Fabricland. To get the border going all around, I had to make the back two separate pieces and omit the pleat. I now have the better part of half a metre of the orange solid, but it’s such a lovely colour I am sure I will use it for something else later. (It was raining outside! So I had to do pictures in the kitchen, which is a little messy at the moment.)

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