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Jiffy Dress

November 1, 2011

This fabric is kind of outside my usual style – it’s patterned and polyester – but I love this dress! I picked up the fabric years ago, on sale at Fabricville in Montreal, because I liked the pattern, but never got around to turning it into something. Eventually I decided it should be a mod-ish dress and found a pattern on Etsy. I finally sewed it up this weekend. It was one of the easiest patterns I’ve ever used – there’s only a few pieces, the sleeves go in very easily, and all but one step of the instructions are very clear. (I think I did the sleeve hems incorrectly, but the sleeves are hemmed so I’m not going to worry about it.)

(Please pardon the laundry drying on the deck.) The pattern really does call it a jiffy dress – I think it’s the series of patterns, not the style, but it’s cute. I did not have a brown zipper that was long enough, so I used a teal one. It matches the dark teal in the fabric and you don’t really see it when I’m wearing the dress anyway.

I had to do some re-sewing of the seams and darts – it was way too tent-like at first, but I took in another half-inch or so on all the seams and darts and it fits great now.

I am interested in trying this dress in a knit – I think it could be done without the zipper if it had some stretch to it! It also comes with a long-sleeve variation that would make an adorable vintage-style lace-covered shift dress, so perhaps that will be a winter project.

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