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Autumn Pendrell

October 23, 2011

Up next is a Pendrell blouse in a brown patterned organic cotton that I picked up in England. It took the better part of an evening to put together – I’m not really a slow sewer, but I take forever with the pins and the ironing.

Due to the size of the fabric – it was slightly smaller than what the pattern required – I was not able to place the centre back piece on the fold; instead it is two pieces sewn together down the middle. The side back pieces didn’t fit on the fabric properly either, so thank goodness the pattern is not directional – I had to cut it on its side along the bottom of the fabric. There was not enough room to cut the facings on the exact bias, so I cut them on a diagonal – not quite steep enough, but it suffices. All the body pieces are a little shorter than they should be – on my first Pendrell I discovered that it is cut very long, so I think I left off about four inches on the bottom. It still tucks into skirts very well. I also enlarged the neck opening, though it is still rather snug to get on and off.

After trying to wear this top, I discovered that it really did need the facings to be cut on the bias – it won’t fall right with what I’ve got. I purchased some solid brown bias tape, so this will be my project for Mending Night next week. Pictures to come after it is all fixed!

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