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A trip to England

September 29, 2011

I took a vacation – my first vacation abroad in over three years – at the beginning of September. I went to London, England where I promptly came down with yet another cold (three in a row!). So it wasn’t as much fun as I had hoped but I did the best I could and saw a lot anyway.

On my first full day in town I met up with a friend from high school.  We started at Oxford Circus, did a little shopping, and wandered down toward Trafalgar Square.

We ended up bumping into Liberty of London, a truly impressive building. We wandered through and made our way upstairs. While the fabric was lovely, I am not particularly interested in florals. We perused the wall of yarn in a search for a gift for my friend’s sister-in-law and settled on some lovely Rowan Cashsoft. (Upon receiving this gift, the sister-in-law found me on Ravelry and sent a thank-you message – sometimes the knitting world can be very small!) In a little corner room we found the sale room and I decided to purchase some amazing rain boots.

I went out to Islington to look in at Loop and see what else I could find. While Loop didn’t seem to any more special that Toronto’s lovely yarn shops, I spotted a cute little fabric shop/cafe just off the main street there and popped in. They had tons of beautiful prints up front, for prices a little too much for my budget, but toward the back there was a little bargain section of pre-cut pieces and ends. I picked up some fabric – a simple cotton print with little yellow and tan flowers on dark brown. I imagine it will make a lovely autumn Pendrell blouse.

Later in the trip, I followed some tips from the internet and went out to Goldhawk Road to do some fabric shopping. While the stores themselves didn’t look much different than those along a certain stretch of Queen West here in Toronto, I decided to find some very English fabric and succeeded – in the last shop I went in, I found this gorgeous wool/cashmere blend in a camel colour. It’s a little lightweight but I’m hoping to make either a skirt or a shift dress out of it. I’m kind of nuts for the shift dress these days.

I also went to many museums and markets and to see the BBC Symphony at Royal Albert Hall. The Planets with that organ was pretty amazing.

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