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A labour of love

September 28, 2011

I am going to plan my life better so I do not have to knit a baby blanket in the summer. As Natalie at Lettuce Knit said, a baby blanket in July is no-pants knitting. However, as baby Rebekah is set to arrive any day now, a baby blanket had to be completed, so I spent a lot of time sitting next to my fan while knitting this.

Knitting things in baby colours is boring and I kind of hate light pink anyway. However my friend Jenna, her husband and their first daughter all have beautiful blue eyes, so blue seemed like a good choice. After poking through all the options at The Knit Cafe, I chose two superwash heathers in Cascade 220 – a light turquoise and a spring green. I had decided upon Ysolda’s Hap Blanket earlier on, with the blue was to be the main and green for the accent.

I love the way the feather and fan opened up with blocking – the blanket felt rather small before blocking but I feel the blanket it a good size now and the waves are lovely.

I just hope it gets to California soon!

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