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Fall Palette Challenge

August 30, 2011

To kick off my sewing blog, I’ve got a palette defined for the Colette Pattern‘s Fall Palette Challenge 2011. The goal of this challenge is to “inspire your thinking about color and help you make clothes that fit your style and wardrobe.” I want to make myself some clothes, ideally clothes that I can wear regularly. The fabrics I have already acquired, though I am off to London, UK for a week on Thursday and hope to pick up a little something there.

The brown is two fabrics – a wool tweed, brown and white, from the Textile Museum‘s annual sale. I hope to have enough to make a shift dress and a skirt – possibly Ginger; and a brown patterned knit I picked up years ago, to become a mod dress.

The gold is some dupioni silk from the downtown Fabricland’s closing sale. I don’t know what I will make with this, as my impulse to make a strapless dress out of it is largely impractical.

The navy blue is two items – a shirt-dress from heavy cotton using a Project Runway pattern that I’ve already started and a tunic of chrysanthemum-patterned quilting cotton from The Workroom.

The purple will is a crepe-y fabric from the Fabricland closing sale. I’ve already made one slightly lopsided Pendrell blouse with it and have enough to make another, better, one or a Sorbetto.

The turquoise is this stunning houndstooth wool from King Textiles – a little expensive but so beautiful I had to have it. I have enough to make a shift dress but a skirt may be more practical.

So the plan is five to seven pieces over eight weeks. Hopefully I can do it!

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